"Lift Up God's Son in 2021"

New Facility Dedicated April 2015


2021 brings new opportunities to our church.  We have neighborhoods that have built around us this year and have found out that we have 12,000 acres that are being develped as a new subdivision not even a mile away from us.    God has been very good to us.  We have an opportunity to reach hundreds of thousands right here in our 5 mile radius.  When we moved to this property we never imagined the opportunities God would drop in our path. 

Ambassador Baptist Church will challenge you toward "excellence" in your walk with Christ, your knowledge of God's Word, and produce victorious living.  "We don't change God's message - His message changes us".   

Pastor John Adams started ABC December of 2010.  He has a firm commitment that each believer should be grounded in God's Word. You will hear solid, practical, Bible based instruction that will help you in daily life.

We sing the traditional gospel songs and hymns, use the King James Bible, and believe every word and teaching of Scripture.  We are considered old-fashioned, but some things like the beloved gospel story, Biblical morals and values, and timeless principles of a successful family just cannot be improved upon.

Please stop by and visit us if you are in the area.  We would love to visit with you.

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